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“I have struggled with my weight roller coaster for over 10 years. I had tried almost every diet and diet pill, with no lasting results and lots of money spent. After seeing the awesome results of others, I decided to take this healthy journey with my friend. I have lost a little over 20 pounds in 3 months, and lots of inches resulting in dropping 3 pant sizes. I have so much more energy and I feel amazing.”

One of the most amazing things I do is help others achieve their optimal health just like I did.  This is my friend Stephanie.  She is such a kind-hearted person who loves to help others with anything they need.  That is what drew me into our friendship.  I wanted and needed a friend like her!  I was so happy when she decided finally after four months of watching me change to change her life too.   We started working on healthy body first.  But knowing Stephanie’s big heart for helping others, I asked her if she was ready to share this journey with others.  So now we are working on her healthy finances* so that she has a little extra money to spend on her new grandbaby!

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to have spent the last eight weeks learning how to develop more relationships like Stephanie and I’s.  After 16 years of putting my Bachelor’s degree on the backburner and taking online courses in my spare time, I am finally complete with one of my goals! I now have more time to spend in service those who need help with their Optimal Health. Taking a social media class for my last class was the best idea because I have more time to develop the tools and knowledge I gained to serve my clients from the heart and give them more resources to connect and engage the world they live in.


Motivation to Achieve Your Goals

5 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Professional Media

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Professional social media is essential to growing your brand.  It is important to focus on your personal brand as well as your business brand.   Most people probably wonder why I continuously update my profile picture to one of my newest before and after photos (as shown above).  This is a great way to start a conversation about health when you are commented on a friend’s photo.  Admit it!!! You have opened someone else’s profile at least once to see who they are, if you know them, or just to get a better look at their profile picture!

This  a great article if you need help building your brand between being too personal and professional on your personal branding:  A Brand of One: On Social Media Branding for Professionals.   One thing this article does not go in depth about is personal crusades or drama as I call it.  I live my life on social media out loud.  You will see me post pictures of my family, an event, or share a meme.  What you will not see on my more recent posts is ranting about a political or controversial cause.  For example, I posted a simple message about the debates, and it was this: “Who’s watching the debates? #Debates”.  Nothing else.  I did not post how terrible one candidate was over the other.  I did not post upset comments about either candidate’s stance.  I stayed neutral.  I was able to set a neutral tone for my friends to reply back that they were watching it.  However, when I flipped through my news feed, other friends were totally upset over the debate and candidates.  When these things occur in my news feed, I have a choice.  I can respond to the crazy or ignore it.  Because I am building a professional brand with my personal social media, I choose carefully what I engage in.  Responding to the wrong thing or in the wrong way (even if it is just perceived wrong) looks bad on my brand.

Another thing that Evan LePage shared in his article I linked above is to do a Google search for your name.  If your name comes up in the top pages of the search, the social media linked to it is a home run!  If you have to dig to find it, your social media profiles need to be revamped. My LinkedIn and Facebook are at the top of the search results for social media.  My Twitter is under my massage business name.  I need to update this part of my profile.

One professional person I would highly recommend to connect with is Ashley Varner.  Ashley is running programs with the Jefferson City schools and community to get them more conscious about promoting health.      Ashley Varner




Breaking Bad Habits

So this week I have been focused on breaking bad habits, one which includes not smoking. This is by far the hardest challenge I have faced in my life, but this time is different.  Please watch Ellen DeGeneres explain what it is like for a smoker to live with smoking.

As a health coach, this feeling of needing to hide smoking became even more crucial!  I wish that I had seen Ellen’s announcement of the book sooner. I actually heard about the book from a client who used it to quit smoking.  I got so tired of hiding it, I am trying everything to escape my prison of the double life.


Finally, here is a testimony of an actual client of that used the Allen Carr method.  I like the way he breaks down the math and benefits of not smoking.

I have listened to a version of this book already and considering going back to listen the original version.  It has helped tremendously understanding the hesitations most smokers have when escaping the trap!

Stay tuned!!


Astounding Influences

Research and inspiration does not come from within all the time.  Sometimes, you really have to branch out and find like-minded enthusiasts.  For me, I have two blogs that I followed regularly before starting my own.  The other three are ones that I found through other media platforms I use and found to contain a lot of useful information.   I chose these three blogs based on their content and how they support me and my clients on our Optimal health journey.

I have decided that the month of September is my month to work on my full health-to include body, mind and finances.  If you Google blogs or search Pinterest, you will find several that discuss health, fitness and financial ideas.  So why do these five blogs stand out to me?

My health coach Emily and I with the AMAZING Dr. Anderson

After meeting the co-founder of the company I work with, enriching my life with his words on a daily basis has been amazing!

Dr. Anderson


Chicken and Steak Kabobs (Sandy’s Kitchen) with zucchini noodle pasta

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna from Sandy’s Kitchen

As you can see, I use and refer to Sandy’s Kitchen a lot for my personal and business needs.  It is important to keep your meals fun and exciting.  This blog has all the information needed for cooking great meals!

Sandy’s Kitchen



A book offered on the Zen Habit

I stumbled across Zen Habits and Modern Day Girl while I was researching new material to reference for a healthy mind.  Zen Habits blog has been going for months with some awesome articles.  The author has several insights from financial awareness to procrastination.  I can’t wait to read more!

Zen Habits

As I am currently switching careers (which was a huge decision for me), Modern Day Girl really spoke to me.  She has several blogs that discuss dealing with the anxiety and decision making process.

Modern Day Girl

Modern Day Girl


Get Rich Slowly


Finally, who does not need financial advice?  I think even Donald Trump needs help!  The Get Rich Slowly blog has a lot of down-to-earth articles about things I see with myself and my clients.

Get Rich Slowly

Kris Cross: From Fat to Fit

How I have longed for a way to get the small but loud voices out of my head! I have thought about writing a book on various occasions, but my attention span and patience for that is limited.  Maybe some day!  Right now, it is hard enough to pick out one topic to write about.

So here is a little about me!  I am Kristie Cross.  Yes, I hear you singing in your head as you read my name. “Kris Cross will make you jump, jump!”  I hear it a lot!  When I was in the military, my first name was my rank followed by Cross. When that joke was made, they did not understand the irony that my first name shortened was Kris.

After about twelve years in the military, I decided I was tired of taking orders from other people, and I wanted to be in a career in which I could be a girl with my nails done and my hair all fixed up.  So the logical choice was a career in massage therapy!  My nails were always done-down to the quick because they could not be too long as to avoid scratching a client.  My hair was always pulled back.  I dressed in yoga pants (mostly because I could not fit into anything that buttoned) and baggy shirts.  The great thing about yoga pants is that no matter how big you get, you can always wear them.  I went from a size medium to a size extra large in most everything else, but my yoga pants were my steadfast companion!  I only climbed up one size the entire time I wore them.  It did not matter what I wore as a massage therapist as long as I was giving a great massage, or at least I thought it didn’t.

Then my husband of almost 10 years now, Jamie, came home and told me the standards an Army officer wife was supposed to adhere to.  To think that after I left the military, I thought the rules didn’t apply to me anymore.  Boy, was I wrong!  He said that I had to follow everything he told me to do because the Army regulation from 1955 say to.  I was to allow him to make all the decisions in our household.  I handed him the broom and mop and told him to command the household chores while I catch up on my favorite Scandal episode!

Despite my tongue and cheek humor with my husband, I support him in his career. I want to see him succeed so if that means letting him appear to be in charge of me in military public settings, I am all for it.  It also meant it was time to leave my sloppy-looking yoga pants and baggy t-shirts behind.  However, have you tried to dress nice after you gained a lot of weight, got older, had kids and then try to shop in the teen clothes you once loved to wear?  It does not work out so well!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog the next couple of weeks.  I hope to entertain and educate you about the health journey I have been on, and maybe inspire you to change the way you look at life!

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